reality check: connecting you to consumers and the evidence


I do what I love. I do what I am good at. That’s why I am dedicated to nutrition and health projects with a particular focus on behaviour change and sustainability.

Together with partners, I can help you with domain-specific expertise and flexible support to collect, connect, and/or translate evidence and ideas into better products, health interventions, campaigns, or other services.

Our approach is consumer-focussed and evidence-based. Consumers are always central to our way of thinking alongside recent scientific insights and methods relevant to practice.

Health and consumer research

be inspired and get your facts straight on nutrition, health and consumers


Literature research and writing

The latest scientific insights turned into short reports, review articles or fact sheets relevant to your project. Anything from your topic of interest, be it “in-vitro meat”, “nudging”, “personalized health”, or something completely different.  We are very experienced in sourcing, selecting, and interpreting the right academic papers and research reports.


Consumer research

Gain a deeper understanding of consumers and get closer to actual behaviour. Utilizing the current thinking in consumer and behavioural sciences, we select the best research tools and theoretical frameworks that fit your question. Experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research. With a particular focus on what people do or feel, and not just say: e.g. projective and creative techniques in (online) interviews or focus groups, choice experiments, health behaviour assessments.

Health research

Having a unique background in both medical and behavioural sciences I assist the public health, health & aged care, and pharmaceutical sectors with health and consumer research projects. Examples include: trials and experiments, knowledge, attitude and behaviour surveys,  monitoring and evaluation of interventions, patient experiences and insights.

Sensory research

Sensory acceptance of your product is not tested in isolation but in the context of other consumer factors. Go beyond sensory profiling and consider relevant affective factors that come into play: product emotions, food preparation or packaging experiences, contextual influences etc. I only support sensory research for products that provide consumers with healthier food or drink options.

Interim, contractor and consultancy services

flexible support from a seasoned professional

  • Freelance and flexible high quality research support
  • Interim research manager and leave replacement for research & evaluation staff or project managers
  • Dedicated project or program manager for new research projects or peak times
  • Food, nutrition, health and consumer behaviour expert as a team member or associate partner for your client projects
  • Strategic advice for development of new food and health products, services and interventions
  • Advice on research design for health, consumer, or social research projects
  • Stakeholder consultations in the area of food, nutrition and health

Food, consumer and co-creation workshops

connect and create better solutions for food and health


Teaching and training

Lectures and workshops on a range of topics including basics of consumer research, behaviour change, food and the ageing population, behavioural nutrition, consumer understanding of food labelling, food and nutrition policy, food and sustainability.

Co-creation activities

Be inspired and invite consumers or customers into your design or solution finding process. In one or more sessions they will contribute to new ideas, give you more insight into what works and what doesn’t, and be involved with the selection of the most promising concepts.

Options for online and offline sessions.


Sensory workshops

Workshops on how our 5 senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling) shape our experiences of a selected food or health product / service. Besides being a fun afternoon or evening, it is set out to provide professionals with new ideas and a better understanding.