Re-connected and inspired by consumers

The client and/or collaborators

Glen Ewin Estate and Willabrand, an iconic South Australian business specialising in figs


The context

Glen Ewin Estate and Willabrand were looking for inspiration how to reinforce their fig business and possibly develop new products and packaging. There was a need to re-connect with consumers in a very cost-effective way.


The question

We focussed on starting the conversation with consumers and to get basic consumer knowledge first: What are current consumer perceptions, experiences and drivers in relation to derived fig products in general, and for Willabrand products in particular?


The approach

A low cost approach with 16 fig consumers (users and non-users of Willabrand). We used one-to-one interviews and a creative focus group, in which collages were created to understand different moments, meanings and fig product experiences.


The outcome

The rich associations with figs, the orchard, and specific user moments, were clearly under-utilized by Glen Ewin Estate and Willabrand. The project inspired to focus on “the fig experience” and improved collaboration between the estate and the fig orchard. Willabrand reinforced their experience event “Pick Your Own Figs”, developed a new website, and changed plans for new product development.