about my work relating to food, health, and consumer behaviour

Media and presentations

Nutrition Health Research study

Here is a selection of different news items:

 The Leader – Barossa Valley ‘New heights for Molecular Gastronomy’ (19/10/2016)

Student project in Flinders News ‘Are meal replacements the best weight loss approach?’ (22/11/2013)

The Health Advocate – The official magazine of the Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association ‘Maximising mealtimes’ (August 2012)


Selection of my favourite presentations:

Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare, 35th Annual National conference, Tasmania (October 2016). Oral presentation with Vitish Guddoy: ‘Molecular gastronomy from haute cuisine to aged care; a consumer oriented product development process of novel texture modified foods’, see program book page 15.

Creating a Healthy and Susainable Food System for Australia, National Forum, Canberra (November 2015). Oral presentation: ‘Understanding consumers to promote healthy and sustainable food behaviours’.

The Lantern Project Forum (August 2015). Oral presentation ‘Innovation and Inspiration from Sensory and Consumer Sciences: Improving Food Experiences”


Scientific publications

Annet Hook Health Nutrition Research

I selected a book chapter and 5 academic papers from different topics below. For a full overview – please check Google Scholar. 


Hoek, A. C., Malekpour, S., Raven, R., Court, E., & Byrne, E. (2021). Towards environmentally sustainable food systems: decision-making factors in sustainable food production and consumption. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 26, 610-626.


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Boulet, M., Hoek, A. C., & Raven, R. (2020). Towards a multi-level framework of household food waste and consumer behaviour: Untangling spaghetti soup. Appetite, 104856.


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Chapter 9. Food consumption: food, people, and contexts. By Annet Hoek, Tony Worsley and Gabrielle O’Kane. In: Lawrence, M., & Friel, S. (Eds.) (2019). Healthy and sustainable food systems. Routledge.


Hoek, A. C., Pearson, D., James, S. W., Lawrence, M. A., & Friel, S. (2017). Shrinking the food-print: A qualitative study into consumer perceptions, experiences and attitudes towards healthy and environmentally friendly food behaviours. Appetite, 108, 117-131.