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Health Nutrition Research

News and professional media

The Leader – Barossa Valley ‘New heights for Molecular Gastronomy’ (19/10/2016)

Student project in Flinders News ‘Are meal replacements the best weight loss approach?’ (22/11/2013)

The Health Advocate – The official magazine of the Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association ‘Maximising mealtimes’ (August 2012)

In Daily – Insight column on undernutrition and meal experiences in aged care, (04/08/2011)

UniSA news ‘Making the most of mealtimes’ (August 2011)

Voeding Nu 5 (9-11) ‘Seducing consumers to have an environmental friendly alternative for meat: the challenge for novel protein foods’ [Consumenten verleiden voor een milieuvriendelijk alternatief voor vlees: de uitdaging voor novel protein foods] (2003)

Articles in Dutch Newspapers

Knabbelen aan de bal, Trouw, (16/01/2010)

Nepvlees niet lekker genoeg voor vleeseter, Trouw, (07/01/2010)

Nepvlees niet lekker genoeg voor vleeseter, Algemeen Dagblad (AD), (08/01/2010)

Nepvlees niet lekker genoeg voor vleeseter, Volkskrant, (07/01/2010)

Nepvlees niet lekker genoeg voor vleeseter, Telegraaf, (07/01/2010)

Scientific publications

Annet Hook Health Nutrition Research

Hoek, A.C., Pearson, D., James, S.W., Lawrence, M., Friel, S. Accepted for publication in Food Quality and Preference. Healthy and environmentally sustainable food choices: consumer responses to point-of-purchase actions.

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Nutrition Health Research study

Selection of my favourite presentations:

3rd International Food Design Conference (February 2017). Virtual presentation with Vitish Guddoy from Barossa Village: ‘Using Molecular Gastronomy for Good: Innovative foods with a bite, developed with and for people affected by dysphagia’, see abstract.

Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare, 35th Annual National conference, Tasmania (October 2016). Oral presentation with Vitish Guddoy: ‘Molecular gastronomy from haute cuisine to aged care; a consumer oriented product development process of novel texture modified foods’, see program book page 15.

Creating a Healthy and Susainable Food System for Australia, National Forum, Canberra (November 2015). Oral presentation: ‘Understanding consumers to promote healthy and sustainable food behaviours’.

The Lantern Project Forum (August 2015). Oral presentation ‘Innovation and Inspiration from Sensory and Consumer Sciences: Improving Food Experiences”

Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC) (December, 2014). Co-author of an oral presentation by Dr. David Pearson: ‘Shrinking the Food-Print” Understanding Consumers to Promote Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Food Behaviours’

Eurosense, European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research, Copenhagen (September, 2014). Oral presentation: ‘Designed to Eat Less: the design of a new plate to ‘mindlessly’ eat less and its effect on consumer perception’

Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare, 32nd Annual National conference, Adelaide (August, 2013). Oral presentation with Dr. Sandra Ullrich of University of South Australia : ‘What is a meal’

Agri-food XXth Conference, Melbourne (December 2013). How can we shrink the food-print? Understanding consumers to create sustainable behaviour changes.

International Conference on Designing Food and Designing For Food, London (June 2012). Poster presentation:  ‘Ssssssh watch and listen… Social media mining for assessing food experiences without asking questions. A qualitative study exploring online user-generated content on hospital foods’

NZ/OZ Sensory & Consumer Science Symposium, Barossa Valley, Australia (February 2012). Invited workshop organizer and chair: ‘Social Media, Have you been hit by the virus?’

Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, Toronto, Canada (September 2011). Poster presentation: ‘Is social media mining the next generation research tool? An overview of opportunities and considerations for food-related consumer research’

Invited presentation in a policy session at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (2010): ‘What are the options for new environmentally sustainable protein products?’

European Conference on Sensory Science of Food and Beverages, Florence, Italy (2004). Oral presentation: ‘Factors in consumer acceptance: a case study of replacement of meat by meat substitutes’.